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Fashion Fridays, Featuring our Fans!

fashion fashion friday

This week's Fashion Friday showcases some of the greatest styles you sent us using the #hannariusa hashtag! 

First is one of our latest fans, Pixie! For her birthday, Pixie got a stash of cool stuff, including our Dragon costume, Soft Bunny Toy, and Purple/Gray Dress!

Pixie @mythreedoxies

Send some belated birthday wishes to Pixie on Instagram @mythreedoxies!

Next is Mozzarella:


Mozzarella's sporting our Pretty Bouquet Heart Socks here. We love seeing this teeny Italian Greyhound in our store. Maybe one day he'll follow in big sister Elie's footsteps and pose our paws down! See more of these stylish siblings on Instagram @knittnatt.

Finally, we have our resident feline representative, Lulu!

Lulu is one cool cat who can be spotted on warm, sunny days in the park. (Of course, it helps that she's wearing a Pretty Bouquet Knit Hoodie!) She may seem like an ice queen, but don't be scared to say hi to her on Instagram @lulu_bengalcat!

That wraps up this week's Fashion Friday. Want us to feature your pet stylings? Comment on our Facebook page or hashtag us on Instagram with #hannariusa!

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