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Happy 2016!

2016 chinese new year costumes lunar new year new year

Happy New Year!

We at Hannari & MG hope you and your little ones had a great winter holiday! To kick off 2016, we have some great costumes to celebrate the new year!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey, and–you guessed it!– we've got plenty of adorable monkey costumes and accessories to celebrate it!

 Monkey Romper

Everyone will go apes over our Monkey Romper! This furry full-body outfit is warm enough to wear out and show off!

If you're looking for accessories, our Monkey Hat works as a costume that also keeps your pet's ears warm. It's easy to wear, and available up to our L size!

We also have a great selection of traditional Japanese Lunar New Year outfits if you're looking for beautiful kimonos for males and females.

Lastly, we ended the year with a shipment of new winter outfits. Keep your little ones bundled up with sweaters, coats, socks, and so much more. (And yes–there are plenty of winter sales to choose from!)

Don't forget to show us your favorite Hannari looks by using the hashtag #hannariusa on Instagram! We can't wait to see what kind of styles the new year will bring! :)

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