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Mother Garden

Japanese Lucky Charm Sirotan Keychains

$ 10.00

About this Product

Daruma Product #: 383-44706
Lucky Cat Product #: 383-44710
Frog Product #: 383-44768
Owl Product #: 383-44769


Need a little luck in your life? Pick up one of these symbols of luck in Japanese culture: a daruma doll, a lucky cat (or maneki-neko), a frog or an owl.

Which one is right for you?

  • Daruma come in all shapes and sizes. In Japan, the eyes of the doll are blank, and people paint in one eye when they set a goal, and the second when they accomplish it.
  • A Lucky Cat is often seen in storefronts. It's seen as bringing good fortune to business owners.
  • Frog in Japanese is a homonym for "going home." The animal is a cute way to wish people a safe trip home.
  • Owl in Japanese sounds similar to wishing someone good luck.


Accessory includes small parts that may be choking hazards.

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